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Each Iron Wood and Wool piece is carefully crafted by hand with natural materials being the primary focus. The wool that is used is sensitive to touch and pull and will shed if pulled on too harshly. 

Upon receiving your Iron Wood & Wool Dream Weaver, the wool will most likely be slightly matted down from packaging and will require a little fluffing from you.

When unwrapping your new piece, use care and be mindful of the delicate ends while fluffing the wool. 

To fluff you gently pull the fibers apart or "tease" them without pulling in a downward motion. 

You can find a video of how to fluff your wool here.

Wall Weavings do not require any additional steps once received. Simply hang and enjoy! 

Share your Iron Wood & Wool piece in it's new home by using #Ironwoodandwoolathome on Instagram